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Balayage: Also known as hand painting, this is a French highlighting technique. It means “To Sweep”. It will give soft blended highlights more pronounced through the ends and around the face.


Mini Highlight: This service is a highlighting technique using foils to create multi-dimensional color. It can be lighter, darker, or a combination of highlights and lowlights. Lowlights are colors that are natural level or darker. The foils will cover specific areas, typically on the part line or around the face.

Partial Foil: This service is a highlighting technique using foils to create multi-dimensional color. It can be lighter, darker, or a combination of highlights and lowlights. Lowlights colors that are natural level or darker. The foils will cover areas from the parietal ridge and up, the part line, around the face, and in the crown of the head.

Full Foil: This service is a highlighting technique using foils to create multi-dimensional color. It can be lighter, darker, or a combination of highlights and lowlights. Lowlights are colors that are natural level or darker. The foils will be placed throughout the head covering areas underneath, around the face, the partline, and everything in-between.

This technique features color that is dark at the roots and progressively lighter towards the ends.

Medium Length

Long Length

Tint: This service is a one-step color. It can be called an all over color or a root touch-up. This is typically done to give grey coverage, dramatic changes, or going back to natural colors.

Bleach and Tone: This service is a two-step color. Most often this is someone going quite a bit lighter, think Gwen Stefani. This could also be removing darker color from hair and toning it to even the color out. Bleach is applied to the hair and lifted, then it is toned to achieve the desired color.

Highlight/Foil and Tint: This service is a combination of highlights and all over color. It is often used to give grey coverage as well as multi-dimensional highlights, to make dramatic changes, bring someone closer to their natural color, or going lighter. This can be done with a spot foil, partial foil, or full foil.

Mini highlight & Tint

Partial Highlight & Tint

Full Highlight & Tint

Fashion Coloring: These are generally bright, fun colors such as blue, purple, pink, orange, green, etc. Consultation prior to service is recommended to make sure we have the time and product to achieve your goals.

Corrective Coloring: Consultation is required and pricing varies based on product and services needed to achieve your goals. Corrective colors usually take multiple processes.

Haircutting & Styling

Haircuts at Urban Village SalonSpa include a full consultation that takes into account your face shape, daily styling routine and overall lifestyle. We will make sure that you get a haircut and style that makes you look and feel beautiful! Each haircut includes a shampoo with our luxurious product lines and a full finished style with tips on how to achieve your look at home.

Men / Women / Children


Bang Trims

Neck Trims

This service includes a shampoo with our luxurious product lines and a finished style to your liking.

Short Hair
Long Hair

Blowout with Iron Work: This service includes a shampoo with our luxurious product lines and a finished style that includes hot iron work.

Updo: This service is perfect for a fancy night out! Your hair will be set and swept up in a style that suits your face shape, hair texture and wardrobe choice for your special event! If this is for a bride, a practice session is also required and costs the same as the updo.

Bridal Updo
Practice Bridal Updo



This service smooths and shines coarse, dry, damaged, or frizzy hair! It is practically a miracle treatment. This service uses a keratin complex treatment that is derived from sheep’s wool. It is applied to clean, dry, detoxified hair. The hair is then blown dry and flat ironed meticulously which fuses the keratin onto the hair. It is meant to reduce frizz up to 99% and can reduce curl by about 5 notches on a scale of 1 to 10. It lasts 3 to 6 months on the hair. It is amazing! Please expect to spend around 3 hours to get the full keratin treatment.

Short Hair
Long Hair

This is similar to the full keratin treatment with a less intense product. It will still reduce curl and frizz, but it only lasts around 6 to 8 weeks.

This service will transform straight hair to curly or wavy hair. Requires a consultation prior to booking.

Short Hair
Long Hair


Toner Add-On: This is to change tones in your colored hair. It is used to reduce brassiness, add cool tones, or add warm tones.

Gloss Add-On: This is a clear color treatment to add shine.

Split End Treatment Add-On: Add this treatment on to your service to help repair split ends.

Deep Conditioning Treatment Add-On: Add this on to any service and your hair will experience some major moisture. We use only the finest product lines and set you under the dryer to promote opening the cuticle of the hair to enhance the deep conditioning treatment. Your hair will thank you!

Clarifying/Detox/Demineralizing Treatment Add-On: Remove product buildup and environmental smells. This will remove the buildup off your hair that is weighing it down, causing static, or making a waxy feeling on your hair.

Face, Skin & Nails

A variety of facial and body waxing is available including: brow waxing, lip waxing, brazilian, bikini, legs, underarms, etc. Tinting is meant to darken eyebrows and eyelashes temporarily to make them feel fuller and more visible.

Facial Waxing
Body Waxing
Brow Tweeze
Brow Tinting
Eyelash Tinting

The Essential Facial:
60-minute facial recommended monthly for maintaining your optimum healthy, glowing skin. Service includes a customized exfoliation treatment with steam that lifts dead skin, opens pores, and prepares the skin to absorb the facial benefits, extractions to follow as necessary. Next, a deeply relaxing face, neck and décolleté massage that loosens tense muscles, increases circulation, detoxifies, accelerates healing and radiance. Then, onto a luxurious masque for the specialized nourishment of the renewed skin while receiving a hand and arm massage. All facials are personalized each time to suit your needs at that visit and finished with a hydrating creme.

Rejuvenating Facial: 90 minutes of pure bliss that takes you to that “next level”!! This beautiful service includes everything from the Essential Facial as well as a warm foot wrap, calf and foot massage, pressure point tension release, an ancient Ayurvedic Scalp Massage (includes hair brushing!), or extra time to focus on any specific areas that need attending.

Cadillac Facial: This one is for the connoisseur! Two hours of heavenly spa indulgence! This includes everything from the rejuvenating facial. Plus, an aromatherapy foot soak and exfoliating scrub. Much more time for in-depth massage and loads of relaxation and energy healing. Leave this one exuding beauty, calm, health, and pure light.

Teen Facial
Renew Facial
Go With The Glow Facial
L.E.D. Light Therapy
Diamond Peel
Diamond Tone

Back Treatment: Great to alternate in between your facials, add on to a facial for back breakouts and a great relaxing treatment for men! Includes 45 minutes of exfoliation, detoxification and softening on your back and on the soles of your feet. Luxurious use of sea salts and oils, a warm seaweed masque, massage and finished with deliciously hydrating treatment.





Express Manicure


Express Pedicure


Gel Manicure/Pedicure


Gel Removal


Polish Change

Enhances the length, thickness, and fullness of natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are applied one by one to avoid having them stick together.

Mink Full Set
Mink Fill

Classic Full Set
Classic Fill

Volume Full Set
Volume Fill
Partial Volume Full Set

Blended Full Set
Blended Fill


We offer a variety of massage techniques at Urban Village SalonSpa. Choose a time and duration that works best for your needs.

Stone massage is a massage technique that uses smooth, heated stones, placed on specific points on your body or held by the massage therapist while giving the massage.

The focused heat and weight of the stones provide warmth and help to relax muscles while a deeper pressure is applied specific areas in order to minimize discomfort.

Deep tissue massage is beneficial to work out tension/knots from overworked muscles and tissue. This technique helps improve blood flow and reduces inflammation that cause joint and muscle pain.

Hair Extensions

A consultation is the perfect way to start. If they have never done hair extensions before I recommend booking a 30min consultation. We recommend any hair color necessary to the client’s own hair be done prior to the consultation to get the best color match. At the time of the consultation, we will talk about your wishes, explain all the options and pricing, care, and maintenance, if you are interested, we will match the hair color and length to be able to order the hair. Hair usually takes about a week to order.

Booking and Payment
When booking the application appointment, you are required to pay a deposit of one-half of the total quoted price of the hair extension service. Every hair extension service is different and requires a different amount of time. Always talk to the service provider about how much time to book and what the quoted price is going to be, in order to charge the 50%. This deposit is non-refundable.


We recommend that you have a fresh haircut prior to extension application to ensure the hair is in optimal health during the whole time the extensions are worn. The extension application includes cutting and blending of the hair extensions, but not a haircut to your natural hair. The haircut can be booked the same day prior to application or another day prior.


Removal is just like application in that they all take a different amount of time. Removal rate is $100/hr.

These are a temporary, daily install and removal option. This is a less damaging option for those looking for clip-in hair extensions and very easy to install. The client should book a 15-30 min. consultation. During the consultation we will discuss all options, talk about pricing, ordering, installation and removal, care, and maintenance. We will do custom matching,
to get a perfect match to their hair. If they are interested in Halo Couture, we have a sample to try on as well.

$325-$600 includes fitting (no hair cutting)

St. Paul Service Providers: Sadie and Kristal
North Loop Service Providers: Sadie

These are 3” wefts of hair that attach by sandwiching their hair between 2 extension pieces using long lasting tape. They typically last 8-12 weeks. Application time is the quickest of all types. 30-90 min typically. Professional removal is required. Price depends on length and amount of hair needed.

$30-$100 per sandwich. Minimum 2 sandwiches $60-$200. Full head lengthening $300-$2000

St. Paul Service Providers: Sadie, Lindsey, Kristal
North Loop Service Providers: Sadie, Brittany, Skye, Livi

This is the newest type of hair extensions on the market. They are great for a full even amount of hair all over. They can be used to add volume or full lengthening. The weft is reusable for about a year. They need to be re-tied every 6-8 weeks. This option works well for those who like to put their hair up.

$365-$1975 installed hair.
Re-tie $125/hr.

St. Paul Service Providers: Sadie and Lindsey
North Loop Service Providers: Sadie

This type of hair extension has been around longer than any of the others we offer. As new things come to the market these continue to hold real value in the extension world. They are incredibly versatile, have the least maintenance, and blend very well in all situations. The only downside is the application takes the longest. However, these still hold about 50% of the extension services we do because of their versatility. Bonded extensions are done with small sections of hair held on to your hair by a small keratin bond that feels as small as a grain of rice. They hold and stay very well for 4-6 months without any damage to your hair, and when it’s time to remove, they come out easily and cleanly.


St. Paul Service Providers: Sadie and Lindsey
North Loop Service Providers: Sadie

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