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  • Brittany Muehlbauer
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Social: @brittanydoeshair_

Tuesday : 10am – 7pm
Wednesday : 10am – 7pm
Thursday : 10am – 7pm
Friday : 9am – 5pm
E/O Saturday : 9am – 3pm


Cuts & Styling
Haircut : $55
Haircut : $50
Short haircut : $40
Children’s haircut : $40
Neck Trim : $5
Blowout short hair : $30
Blowout long hair : $40

All Over Color
Tint : $70
Bleach & Tone : $120

Partial foil : $120
Full foil : $150

Highlights with Tint
Spot Foil/Tint : $90
Partial : $140
Full : $170

Partial Balayage : $135
Full Balayage : $165

Add Ons & Treatments
Gloss/Tone : $25
Clarifying/Demineralizing : $25
Deep Conditioning : $20

Brittany Muehlbauer


New Talent since 2016

Brittany has a true appreciation for a well done Balayage or Foilayage. Foilayage, an incredibly soft adaptation of the Balayage, is meant to boost hair with stubborn lifting qualities to that soft brightness that is so sought after. Attaining an eye for what types of hair does better with traditional balayage and what types of hair require that of a Foilayage takes a skillful eye. Brittany also loves to spread her creative wings with a creatively placed fashion color or take away your frizzies with a meticulously executed Keratin Treatment. Whether you are looking for your hair to whisper, talk or scream, Brittany has you covered. When she’s not smoothing, shining, or brightening hair, she enjoys hanging out with her bengal cat, Leo, doing crafts, reading and spending time outdoors camping or hiking.