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Haircut : $85
Kids 10 and Under : $75

Tint retouch (roots only) : $90
All Over Color (permanent or Demi-permanent color applied to all hair from roots through ends) : $150
12 Foils or less : $90
Partial Foil (traditional highlights on the top of the head) : $135
Full Foil (traditional foil highlight throughout entire head) : $165
Color & Partial Highlight (color retouch with partial highlights through the top of the head) : $200
Color & Full Highlight (color retouch with highlights through the entire head) : $250
Bleach and Tone : $210
Base Break/Root Shadow/Gloss : $45

Modern Blonding (for maximum impact blonde and lived in looks, this service is fully inclusive using modern techniques customized to create your specific look. Balayage, foilayage, tease-lights, micro-foil, root shadow, and custom gloss are all included in this category. All lightening services now include BondCare, the most current technology which protects and nourishes your hair) : Starts at $260

Add Ons
Metal Detox (Detox meets deep conditioning in this treatment that prevents breakage, strengthens & softens your hair and gives you long lasting color) : $30

Gloss/Ends Refresh (Faded or Dull ends? Highlights that have lost vibrancy? This will add shine and tone while restoring the health of your hair) : $50

Base Break (Achieve brighter blonde or maintain highlights by bumping the base. Designed to lighten your natural hair color up to 1 shade) : $50

Extra long and/or extra thick hair (affords the additional time and product extra long/thick hair) color or Keratin Treatment : $40

Keratin Express Treatment : $180
Keratin Express Add On : $150
Keratin Smoothing Treatment : Starts at $250

Ali Junker


She likes working with any hair and especially loves cutting bobs of any kind, long, medium, or short!

Ali’s passion for the hair industry started when she was young. She grew up in a salon cleaning brushes and shampoo bowls, and answering phones. Her mom was a hairdresser for 18 years. In high school, she tried on the job training working in a cubicle at a desk and quickly decided the isolation of the cube wasn’t for her. She enjoys walking around, talking to people, and a constant change of pace.

Ali attended the Aveda Institute right after graduating high school, and graduated from Aveda in 1997. She began her career by apprenticing the top two stylists at the former Horst and Friends Salon (now Juut). After a year of training and apprenticing in the advanced training salon in Roseville, Ali started as a junior stylist at the Horst on Grand Ave. A few years later, she followed one of her mentors to Details Salon, where she trained to do color and become a generalist. This gave her the opportunity to travel to the London Aveda Academy for education, manage the Details salon, and continue to grow her Aveda knowledge and training. In 2004, she returned to Juut as a generalist and became an advanced educator for stylists, traveling to Palo Alto, CA to train new stylists at the California salon. While there, she attended the Vidal Sassoon Academy in San Fransisco. In 2009, she decided to go off on her own and rent a chair at The Petite Salon in Saint Paul. She had an amazing 6 years there before joining the Urban Village team in 2015.

Ali loves advanced education, being inspired to try new things, and being up on the latest in the hair and fashion industry. Being able to do both cut and color allows her to bring the vision to life all on her own. She likes working with any hair type, length, and texture and especially loves cutting bobs of any kind, long, medium, or short!