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Stephanie Burfeind, CNP

Cosmetic Injections Specialist

In 2021, I ventured out from my comfort zone and pursued a class to learn more about cosmetic injections through Aesthetic Medical Educators Training (AMET).

It gave me the tools to be able to begin basic cosmetic injections, I solicited a few friends and began my journey. I began with forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet. I was amazed by the results and what a difference it could make.

Now that I’m older I have a new appreciation and interest in retaining my youth by avoiding fine lines and wrinkles. I have worked in healthcare for twenty years in various roles and environments. The vast majority of my medical experience is within the hospital setting. I am excited to branch outside of the hospital into the cosmetic world! I enjoy my healthcare career, and I am eager to continue to help others in this cosmetic world.

Botox Chart - Urban Village SalonSpa
Botox Chart - Urban Village SalonSpa