• Fawn Rustand

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Lash Services
Full Set Eyelash Extensions : $320
New Set Eyelash Extensions : $155
Eyelash Extension Re-Fill : $96
Artistic Eyelash Extension Fills : $120

Fawn Rustand

Eyelash Extension Specialist

She found lashing to be her true passion!

Fawn is a certified JB Eyelash Extension Specialist. She began her career in this industry ten years ago as a nail technician. She first discovered eyelash extensions as a client, loving the look and feel of fuller, longer eyelashes. After moving to Iowa and not being able to find a place that offered them, she decided to go through the training in order to provide them to others in that area. Throughout that experience she found lashing to be her true passion! Eyelash extensions help create a look that enhance your overall appearance and give you an instant, make-up looking result that lasts for weeks!